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hot air balloon industry

Founded in Cappadocia, a major hub of hot air balloons, back in 2018 with a vision to change dynmacis of the whole industry. Since we were founded, we have steadily increased our partner ballooners and integrated them into our platform. Today, more than 5.000 bookings pass through Balloonscanner B2C and B2B channells each month.

+20 Partner

ballooner integrated
into balloonscanner.com

€10 Million

balloon tickets
booked since 2018

+150 000

traveller chose
balloonscanner.com to fly

Discover Software solutions package for ballooners
  • BalonYönetim is a is an integrated web-centric business process-oriented software solution for hot air balloon operators that is designed to perform functions like flight operations management & scheduling, crew planning optimization and crew management, fleet management, booking management. It simply ensures the smooth running of activities thereby increasing efficiency of a hot air balloon operator.

  • BalonPersonel is an enhanced crew web portal that streamlines the entire process of managing the flight and ground crew assignments. It enables the crew to view timetables, daily flight plans and track flight records.

  • Balloonscanner is the world's first balloon flight ticketing platform that enables users to search and book flights on over 20 balloon operators.

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