Worried about not getting a refund for a canceled flight due to weather?

Don't worry. The Balloonscanner.com Guarantee has you covered. Hot air ballooning is extremely weather-dependent activity and flights often get cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions. When you book a balloon flight using balloonscanner, we will put a hold on your payment until the day of your flight in our pool account instead of passing it to the operator. In case your flight gets cancelled due to weather, your refund will automatically be processed back to your credit card. This way, the balloon operator will recieve no payment unless the your flight is succesfully conducted.


Once you've found the best balloon flight package and booked your ticket using balloonscanner, you will receive the confirmation of your booking.


Once we've received your payment, we will keep it in our pool account until the day of your flight. Hence your payment is safe with us until your scheduled flight date.


We daily check weather forecasts of all flight sites and are in collabration with local authorities to get the latest news about the status of flights. Once we've received confirmation, we update our system accordingly.


On your scheduled flight date, if your flight gets cancelled due to bad weather, your refund will immediately be processed to the credit card used when booking.

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